Private Snafu – the 2nd Front is now available!

“Private Snafu – the 2nd Front” is now available in the Microsoft Windows Store! This is a new app, rewritten in UWP* for your Windows 10 tablet, laptop, desktop and Enterprise server! All new code with all old content! Private Snafu comes in two All American languages – English and Español (the sound track is the delightful original, with Mel Blanc’s silver tones, but titles and historical notes are multilingual).

It’s a dream come true

“Private Snafu – the 2nd Front” is here and * FREE * for everyone running Windows 10! And who isn’t running Windows 10? Seriously, if you’re not, Satya Nadella has an upgrade waiting for you!

And it’s free! Did ya hear that?

Are you one of the many people still running Windows RT** on your ARM tablet? Not to worry – we are keeping the first edition “Private Snafu” around for both of you!

Fair warning – guns, gambling, smoking and prostitution are shown
* Universal Windows Platform, the new API for Windows
** Windows RT, the old API for Windows


Microsoft Store link to “Private Snafu, the 2nd Front”

Don’t get left behind! Get your “Private Snafu” from the Microsoft Store now!