the Allebachs in America

This is the story of one family’s bold adventures in America, ranging from distant European lands through the Great War, Appalachian coal mines, and the Golden shores of California for their triumphant success in the modern age.

The musical score, in order of performance.

  • “San Rafael Waltz”, David Locke (Songs from the Age of Melody)
  • “Oh, Its a Lovely War”, Courtland and Jeffries (
  • “Sunday Traffic  from ‘The City'”, Aaron Copeland (The Copeland Collection)
  • “Threshing Machines  from ‘Of Mice and Men'”, Aaron Copeland (The Copeland Collection)
  • “What’s Buzzin’ Cousin?”, Cab Calloway (Are You Hep to the Jive?)
  • “Something you said”, Various Artists (GRP Smooth Jazz, Vol. 5)


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